The new studio is operational

Here I am ready to create beauty with flowers or your own personal outdoor retreat.

We are so happy that soon we will be inviting you to our Open House. My new studio is now operational and we are working feverishly everyday to get the final touches done so we can show it off.

We are ready to create beautiful floral arrangements for all your floral needs as well create a wonderful outdoor sanctuary on your porch or patio.

But remember, I don’t have a retail store anymore, so you will need to call for an appointment as I will not be having regular store hours. But, I will accommodate your needs. You can be sure of that.

Let me tell you a little more about our wonderful new service. It is called Outdoor Style. It is where I become your own personal outdoor designer (much like an interior designer).

You select your porch, your patio, pergola or whatever space you want, and I create a design for just you. I can carry out the theme of your home out to the patio or porch OR it can be however you want it to be. It is your relaxing sanctuary that I will help you create, to make a place you can unwind and de-stress.

I will take the things you have, re-arrange them, offer suggestions that might include recovering your outdoor cushions, maybe move the bird bath (as opposed to where it is now), add some plants here (with exact suggestions of what would work best) or add this item here– it could be anything as these are only ideas, but at the end of the consult,  you will come away with a  design for YOU to transform your space to one where you’ll want to be and enjoy.

I have some projects in motion right now, so will be showing pictures soon of the before and after pictures so you can see the transformations.

I am having so much fun and can’t wait to show you all I’ve been up to these past few months. Give me a call!  633-8217

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