How will you say “Be My Valentine”?

Remember those you love with a beautiful floral arrangement.  We are now taking orders to be delivered on Valentine’s day.   We will need to have all orders by Feb. 11 if you want delivery on the 14th.

Make your choice from these selections.  Then call me at 512.633.8217 and place your order. 

valentine flowersForever Fun Hearts $63.95

This arrangement is designed with select Peruvian lilies all encompassed in Milano stick hearts that will last forever.  Very young and long lasting.



flowers for valentinesTip Toe Tulips  $79.97

This design is for the tulips/spring lover.  Tulips are phototrophic and will travel to any light source.  It is the only flower that continues to grow even after being cut.  The bear grass is designed into hearts to celebrate this important holiday.


Garden Half Dozen $89.95

What a fun way to receive ½ dozen of the holidays favorite flower.  You just imagine a fairy enjoying herself among the Bells of Ireland, Roses and branches complete with wire hearts.





roses for valentineModern Dozen $149.95

This one was created to elicit the wow factor for this special holiday.  The design is created in a tall thick cylinder vase with a dozen of your favorite color rose and then red dogwood branches or quince branches in the middle for the wow factor.   A gift that will receive a wow and be remembered for years to come.


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