Valentine 2014 Designs

We are pleased to present our love collection for 2014.

Love Lily 47.95

Love Lily 47.95

SOLD OUT Beautiful and fragrant wine colored sumatra lilies with red curly willow and seeded euc designed in a beaded vase.

Love Tulips 51.95 Love Tulips 51.95

SOLD OUT Artfully designed in clear cylinder vase with hot pink beads for added amusement.  The fun loving design.

Love orchids 81.95

Love Orchids 81.95

SOLD OUT Love this vase!  Heavy tall square with dendrobium orchids, mini green hydrangeas and our signature bear grass heart.  A show stopper!!!

Love elegance 109.95

Love elegance 120.95

VERY high quality freedom roses designed in a red curly willow grid and our signature heather heart.  Wonderful I Love You design.

Love orbit 103.95

Love Orbit 103.95

Says I love you to the moon and back.  Artfully designed in low square vase are beautiful aromatic sumatra lilies, heather and our signature bear grass heart.


To complete your valentine gift – add a box of world famous Lamme’s Candies.

Cremes and caramels – 9.95

Creme & Caramel 8.95

Longhorn chocolates consist of caramel, pecans and covered in milk chocolate – 10.45

Longhorn 9.45Sea Salt dark chocolate caramels – 12.25

Sea Salt Caramel 10.25

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