Valentine’s 2015

Happy 2015 Valentine’s!

Welcome to our yearly season of love.  We are excited to share with you, our new 2015 designs.  Each piece has been thoughtfully designed and created with your seasonal favorites in mind.
We also carry Lamme’s chocolates, so you can add a box of sweet for your love.
Placing your order is easy.  Just call me at 512.633.8217.  Please place your order early as we are creating a limited number of each design.
Tulip Love

Tulip Love 57.95 (SOLD OUT)

Hearts & Kisses 65.95

Hearts & Kisses 65.95 (ONLY 1 LEFT)

Love Lilies 68.95

Love Lilies 68.95 (SOLD OUT)

Exotic Love 85.95

Exotic Love 85.95 (ONLY 1 LEFT)

Bouquet of Love 90.95

Bouquet of Love 90.95

Bed of Roses 120.95

Bed of Roses 120.95 (SOLD OUT)


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