Saying Goodbye

As time moves on – so do we in our personal lives.  Many of you know that my love, Kenneth and I started Dragonfly over 11 years ago and have served our community faithfully. After 3 moves and our customers following us wherever we landed, it is sad to say goodbye.


We did reach out to seek someone who would care about all of you the way we do, but unfortunately no one stepped forward.  Apparently, I am Dragonfly, but never understood the full impact of how I offered service to each of you.  Lesson learned!!!


Kenneth’s business has exploded for which we are grateful and it is time for me to join him on his journey as he joined me on mine many years ago when we started Dragonfly.


Our home is under contract and we have purchased land in Kingsland on Lake LBJ; quiet – among nature.  I hear things I haven’t heard in a long time in the city.  I can focus on taking care of him and his business and enjoying what God provides for me to experience.


I do want to thank each and every one of you for trusting me and relying on me.  It has been a truly amazing experience to do what I love – I am beyond blessed.


I wish I could have found someone to refer you to but nothing comes to mind as I have a lot on my plate with a swift move and reorganizing my personal life.  If I come across someone I feel would do a great job and I trust they would be a good fit for you, I will let you know.


Know I will never forget this life experience.  I have albums, photos and cards, that have been packed carefully away to take for me to reminisce.


Thank you for your understanding, love and blessings.


Yours in floristry,
Cindy @ Dragonfly

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